In Pictures: Roger Anis Captures the Emptiness of Egypt’s Churches After Palm Sunday Celebrations are Halted

In Egypt, Palm Sunday is normally a celebration for the entire country, not just its Coptic Christians, palm leaves are seen on every street, children accessorize themselves with them, and churches are filled with joyful worshippers.

However, this year, with all the churches closed in efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the spirit was not the same.

Roger Anis, an Egyptian photographer and photojournalist, toured St. Samaan Al Kharaz Church in Mokattam, along with one of the church’s guards, who sadly reflected on the emptiness of the church which once accommodated over 30,000 people. The pictures that Anis took speak for themselves, as they show the empty church on a day that was meant to be a major celebration; Palm Sunday.

As the first day of the holiest week of the year, and the last Sunday before Easter, Christians usually celebrate several ceremonies and prayers throughout this week, and dedicate most of their time for specific prayers said only during this time.

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