In Pictures: 7 Arabs Stunners Rocking Summer 2020’s Hottest Makeup Trends

By Malak Khaled

ITS SUMMER! And summer usually comes with fun outings and events. Since we’re in quarantine, many of us started to play along with different colors and makeup looks for fun at home. Now, as the quarantine is almost lifted, we think its time to show off our new skills with colors this summer. To give your creativity a boost and help inspire you, we decided to show you some looks that you might be interested in trying this summer!

Colorful Liners

Instead of the usual black eyeliner, people started updating their look with different colors like greens, blues, pinks, and yellows.

Bright Inner Corners

Inner corners have their own magic, so imagine adding vibrant color to make the eyes pop even more.

Glossy Eyelids

Glitters and glosses are usually pretty and light on the eyes and as an extension to that, their simplicity gives you a very cute look.

Floating Liners

New, on-trend and modern, floating liners are pretty simple and super unique, some people even experiment by putting a brighter or more vibrant color to match the color of the shadow they have on.


Like glitter, adding some sparkle gives a kind of Coachella vibe, which is sometimes exactly what we need; it’s crazy and fun, and also quite unique. This look varies from one person to another because sometimes people like to put it on their lid, inner corner, under the eye, sometimes on both sides of the forehead or even all over the face!

Barely-there shadows

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Using the least amount of makeup as possible, you may not notice it, a sheer face with minimal mascara and a nude lip, even the blush is neutral, this look helps to keep it simple and pretty. It follows the idea of less is more.

Shock Shadow

This look gives an 80s feel, a solid color, bold and clear. All you need is one, vibrant pigmented shade and a blending brush. If you’re looking for a fun look, bright colors or neons would absolutely help you achieve it. All it takes is one bold color for a huge effect.

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