This Is How Music Is Being Used To Aid The Children of Gaza

Children in Gaza have witnessed many injustices over the years while living in Palestine under occupation; these dire circumstances are clearly affecting their mental health.

Palestinian children have experienced a lot of inequities throughout their lives. Under occupation, they had their childhoods robbed from them in the most heinous way. Inspire of this, these children are stronger than most, and they continue to stand firm and strive to live their lives; they inspire people all across the world with their incredible strength and resilience.

In Gaza, health program directors are using a novel approach to assist children who have been traumatized by their experiences. This method combines music and psychotherapy to help Palestinian children become more positive. Music, without a doubt, is a remedy for many individuals because it helps us focus and creates a tranquil environment in which tension has no place.

Following World War II, this technique became particularly popular for dealing with the impacts of post-traumatic disorders such as anxiety, depression, heart abnormalities, and blood pressure difficulties. It’s normal that when we’ve been through a traumatic event, we feel more isolated and depressed; however, when a whole nation has been undermined in this manner, there need to be novel solutions to help the upcoming generations.

Rania Al-Shurihi, the program coordinator, is pleased with this approach because it has significantly altered how Palestinians think about mental health and the stigma associated with it. She went on to say:

Despite society’s ingrained and negative perceptions about mental health facility visits, the success of music therapy has played a significant role in shifting these perceptions.

Rania Al-Shurihi via Arab News

Al-Shurihi went on to say that this music and therapy approach was established not just to deal with the repercussions of the continuous conflict, but also to help Palestinians become more active and aware of their mental health in order to cope with life’s challenges.

This is empowering on many levels because it allows children to heal from prior traumas and learn how to cope with them. Also, this allows Palestinians the opportunity to reconnect with their mental health and become more aware of their worries, joys, and fears.

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