“In A Heart Beat” She Would Go Back: American Nurse On The Horror Of 26 Days In Gaza

On Monday, November 6, CNN broadcaster Anderson Cooper hosted American nurse Emily Callahan who lived in the war in Gaza for nearly a month until the day she was evacuated last week to America through the Rafah crossing.

Callahan is a nurse activity manager for Doctors Without Borders. She has been living in Gaza since August before the outbreak of the current attacks. Despite being reunited with her friends and family, she senses guilt because her safety cost her to leave fellow doctors and people of Gaza behind “Because me being safe is the result of having to leave people behind.”

Hearing her testimony; Callahan told Cooper about the extreme humanitarian crisis people are suffering from. People are starving, there is no water, not a single safe place in Gaza, hospital are at full capacity, and children are walking around with half-amputated body parts and open wounds. She further adds that without the help of the national Palestinian team to the foreign doctors they “Would have died within a week”

Finally when she was asked if she would return to Gaza, Callahan replied, “In a heartbeat. My heart is in Gaza. It will stay in Gaza.”

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