‘Immodestly’ Dressed Dancers Cause a Stir at Saudi’s Jazan Winter Festival 

Saudi Arabia was considered one of the most conservative states in the world until the new king Mohamed Bin Salman instituted a new liberal vision of the kingdom.

As the new kingdom vision thrives quickly and wary, the conservative mentalities clash with what they see as the devouring monster of liberalism.

These brood clashes between the two opposite sides of the argument in Saudi caused a pretty rowdy fuss around social media and different media platforms over the Middle East region. One of the most recent arguments that set fire to Twitter amongst Saudis was the performance of some foreign female dancers in the street of Jazan city, dressed in blue revealing costumes.

Jazan city is home to one of the modern festivals “Jazan Winter Festival” which was launched in the kingdom as a response to the new vision of progression. Down the streets of Jazan and within the festival, the dancers mentioned above walked around in blue dancing suits, revealing their bellies and legs up to the thigh area.

As the videos of the dancers circulated social media, some of the conservative citizens found themselves tweeting very angry about what they considered immodest and an obvious violation of the country’s traditional code.

The tweet above says: “As the royal court asked its citizens on Friday to rebent and find their way back to god, we see dancers prancing semi-naked in Jazan festival today.”

These comparisons between the royal court statements to the citizens and its action on the ground usually highlight a deep feeling of hypocrisy amongst the anti-liberalists. A feeling that finds its way to social media very quickly.

The prince of the Jazan area opened an immediate investigation in response to the growing critics of what happened in the streets of the city during the festival, as the “Mawteeni” Twitter account tweeted earlier.

On the other hand, some considered the dancers’ clothes “not revealing” and expressed their fear of the conservatives’ attacks on the new kingdom’s path towards progress and liberty.

As this tweet says: “Their clothes are not revealing! whoever thinks that society should go back to lockdown because of some dancers whose clothes were designed to be modest, would eventually stop any future cultural festivals from taking place in the south of the country.”

The tweet asked as well for a middle ground where it says: “If you do not want to entertain yourself with something, at least do not ask others not to.”

As the argument remains to take place around the kingdom and the region, still waiting to understand what the government investigations will reveal.

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