If you Live in Egypt; Here’s How You Can Watch 22 World Cup Matches For Free

Via: Egyptian Streets

By Nada Hamouda

The Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) issued a statement on the 10th of June announcing that Egypt will broadcast 22 World Cup matches on the Egyptian television.

The Head of Egypt’s National Media Authority, Hussein Zein, addressed FIFA on the 6th of June on Egypt’s rights to broadcast 22 games of the World Cup. When no response came from the FIFA, he got addressed by the consumer protection body. The meeting confirmed that in accordance with international laws and customs, the Egyptian terrestrial channels have the legal basis that gives them the rights to broadcast all home team matches, the opening match, semi-finals and the final.

Via: FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

This deal did not obstruct the FIFA’s separate deal with beIN sports. As the Qatari TV network has already obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast World Cup matches for the Middle East and Northern Africa region on its satellite.

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