IBDAA: A National Initiative Launched By President El Sisi & Egyptian Company For Cosmetics With The Aim To Reduce The Import Gap

Last week, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched the national initiative, IBDAA which the Egyptian Company for Cosmetics (ECC) took part in. In the city of Mansoura, the novel initiative is created with the intention of localizing modern industry in addition to reducing the import gap.

Dr. Mohamed Salah, the CEO of Egyptian Company for Cosmetics highlighted how the company’s participation in the national initiative was a natural progression as it lies with the company’s very own morale of supporting the Egyptian industry.

Moreover, Dr. Mohamed Salah, went on to emphasize how the launch of IBDAA lends a helping help to private sector companies: “There is a golden opportunity to export cosmetics to the African countries, considering quality and competitive prices in these markets,” the CEO said.

Egyptian Company for Cosmetics seeks to maintain good manufacturing steps through its international companies in hopes of producing the best local product. ECC currently provides its products to 350 companies and five international companies in the field of cosmetics in addition to exporting products from around 22 countries across the globe. This is seen with the company going the extra mile of building production lines for the plastic industries to fit ECC’s packaging needs rather than importing them from abroad to meet our needs and requirements for packaging instead of importing them from abroad.

Though IBDAA has been thus far a fruitful endeavor, the Egyptian Company for Cosmetics has been creating notable strides long before the initiative was created. Just last September, ECC acquired Source Beauty’s digital platform e-commerce, the first platform for marketing and selling cosmetics in Egypt. In addition to ECC’s brands include Infinity, one of the fastest-growing cosmeceutical companies in Egypt as well as Bobana Co., putting personal care products at the forefront.

The diverse cosmetics company with over two decades of experience offers its customers a one-stop shop for all that’s personal care related; ranging from creams to gels.

IBDAA is only the beginning to an exciting venture of encouraging the local industry.

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