Hummus Hacks and Recipes You Wish You Knew Before

What’s not to love about hummus? It’s easy to make, easy to buy, and even easier to dress up. Shamefully, we haven’t been adventurous enough with our rich ancient invention. The thick dip is available at your local supermarket and is raved about for its health benefits. The mezzeh is a big part of the Arab World’s diet and here’s more ways to enjoy it than just using pita bread.

Spread in a sandwich 

This hack will solve all your lunch problems. The usual calorie and preservative dense mayonnaise doesn’t stand a chance next to hummus. It’s nutritious and super creamy and pairs amazingly with all subs and burgers from breakfasts to summer grills. 

Mix Into Salad Dressing 

Another easy one for the universally loved dip, salad dressing. Creamier and more delicious than ranch, your waistline will thank you for this healthy swap. As much as we love a fatty thousand island sauce on iceberg lettuce, try a loaded salad with hummus dressing, you’ll never look back. Go crazy and add spices and roasted chickpeas for extra protein.

Buffalo Hummus

With crumbled blue cheese and hot sauce on top? Yes please! Add your typical veggie sides of thick celery, carrots, and cucumber sticks and dip into this fiery hot wing inspired dip. This garlicky recipe will make you wonder how you were living without it. To prepare, add all ingredients in a food processor and pulse. Find the exact recipe here. 

Pasta Sauce 

Although not your average Alfredo, it’s better! Naturally creamy with a savoury-sweet kick, add the protein-based dip to your favourite pasta for extra texture. No rules here, add whatever your heart desires and devour away. 

Mexican Stuffed Jalapeno

This recipe will add endless fiesta and spice to your life. Made with cream cheese, jalapeño poppers are an amazing pass-around party snack. To create this Mexican-Middle Eastern affair, click here

Pumpkin Hummus

It’s not halloween but we’re digging this pumpkin hummus topped with pumpkin seeds. If you love pumpkin latte, there’s no reason for you to not to make this. For the recipe, click here

Shakshuka Hummus 

This shakshuka-hummus love affair is putting hummus in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Just when you thought the hearty poached egg and tomato dish couldn’t get any better, boom! Add a scoop of hummus on top. More protein and an added kick to a basic dish. 

Hummus Quesadilla

There’s something about Mexican and Middle Eastern food and hospitality that click and we’re here to embrace. Ready in 10 minutes, it all starts with a hummus spread and veggie combo. Toast till crispy and browned on the edges and cut into triangles, dip in guacamole and a zesty salsa. 

Flatbread Pizza

We say skip the red sauce for this creamy roasted spicey delight. With toppings such as olives, arugula, crumbled feta cheese, and chickpeas, this pizza will add uniqueness that your favourite pizza joint can’t deliver. It’s a multi-purpose dish that’s light and ideal for sharing.

WE SAID THIS: You’ve been eating hummus the same old boring way for too long!