How You Could Learn A Thing Or Two If You Paid More Attention To Your Dreams

Dreams have an important place in our lives and we have all had our fair share of experiences with them. We can recall some dreams pretty vividly but have no recollection of others. We may even have dreams about certain people and wonder what the significance of it is.

But, it’s also worth noting that some dreams can feel very real… we can wake up from dreams crying or in a state of panic or anger. But, let me assure you that such things are normal and there are actual reasons behind this.

Let’s start with some general information about dreams…

  • Even though we cannot remember every single one, we all dream between 3 – 6 times per night
  • Each dream is thought to last between 5 and 20 minutes
  • By the time a person gets out of bed, almost 95% of their dreams are forgotten
  • Dreaming can aid in the development of long-term memory and learning

What does it mean when we dream about someone specific?

Dreams are thought to be a means of connecting the unconscious and conscious parts of the brain. Therefore, dreaming about someone does not always imply that you are dreaming about that person specifically, but rather dreaming about them as a representation of something. This could be an aspect of your personality… a memory… or anything really. This is why dreaming about an individual can elicit emotions like hatred, love or even bewilderment!

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Dreaming about someone could also mean that you have given them the attributes of an internal sensation that you have been feeling or thinking about lately. So what happens is that your subconscious communicates this through a dream.

We may even dream about people we have never met, we simply dream of them because our brains have registered the mental cues associated with their faces during the day.

What’s more fascinating is that a reoccurring dream can occasionally serve as warnings from certain situations or even individuals that you may need to cut off from your life completely. According to dream interpreters, you may dream about someone you know because you miss the comforts of home and the company of familiar faces.

Why do we cry when we wake up from a dream?

There are a variety of reasons why people cry after waking up from a dream, these include suppressed emotions, highly emotional dreams and night terrors.

Night terrors are most common in children, although these can also occur in adults as a result of past trauma. Screaming and crying are most common during night terrors.

Another cause of waking up crying could be that you’re having an emotional dream. Emotional dreams are dreams in which you see loved ones die, be injured, or harm you. As a result, they may elicit intense feelings that cause you to cry, and you will most likely remember the dream, which indicates why you are sobbing when you wake up.

Those dreams, however, are intended to help you connect with feelings you were previously unaware of. We all have strong feelings and emotions about things in life and if we don’t embrace them and learn to deal with them, they may manifest themselves in our dreams.

As a result, dreams might cause us to experience particular feelings that assist us with connecting more with our reality. They make us feel more human and they can even express a message that we wouldn’t notice in our daily lives.

Dreams come in many different forms and can be rather perplexing at times… Those dreams that we remember frequently leave us with a memory of someone or something. As a result, dreams serve as a mirror to our reality, allowing us to see and feel emotions that we would not be able to detect so easily in our daily lives.

WE SAID THIS: By paying attention to your dreams, you might just learn something new about yourself!