How We Wished Egypt’s Giza Zoo Would Actually Look Like

Known as the third oldest zoo in the world, Egypt’s Giza Zoo, which opened all the way back in 1871, slowly lost its charm over the years. With the zoo losing its original quality, a renovation was much needed and that is exactly what happened.

Starting in 2023, the zoo shut down and began its renovation process that will last 18 months. Knowing this, we thought, why not come up with some cool ideas on what it can look like once it is done?

Create Walls Of Pharaonic Design 

We have one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, so why not celebrate it? Know how ancient Egypt was home to walls and walls sprawled with hieroglyphs? Why not use that very same design throughout the walls of the zoo but have it all be made up of animal etchings?

On that note, this is the perfect segway to our next idea…

Look Back At Animals During Ancient Egypt 

Why just have the walls etched with hieroglyphs depicting animals? Why not also have an entire part of the zoo be devoted to the most important animals of ancient Egypt? We are talking about everything from cats and the Ibis to crocodiles and baboons.

All these animals had a very sacred role during ancient times and deserve to be recognized once again. That particular zone can be educational, teaching about ancient Egypt’s most prominent animals, whether through a play or even through a cinematic 3D experience.

Guests Interacting With Animals

What is known so far about the new zoo is that it will be open-range, meaning that this time, it might not be as fenced as before. Animals will have more space and freedom to move around.

By increasing the comfort level for the animals, as well as the sanitation and feeding provided, the animals will be healthier than they were before.

With the animals being healthier, we recommend adding a fun and interactive part of the zoo, which is that guests can come and touch the animals or feed them in a respectful way.

Spruce Up With Flora

Knowing that Egypt is home to stretches and stretches of palm trees, why not make use of that gorgeous flora and plant rows of palm trees all around the zoo? Palm trees always add a touch of expansiveness and wealth to any locality, so it would be a great way to spruce up the zoo.

Add Interactive Features 

If you’ve ever been to Dubai Safari Park, you would have noticed how many of the animal zones are home to cool interactive features, one of which is the booth made up of different-sized recreations of ape hands. You can literally place your hands on them and see the significant difference between your hand and theirs.


These kinds of interactive features are not only fun but they can also be educational. Picture having many of these interactive booths across the Giza Zoo; not only will you get to learn lots of information about the animals, but the information will probably stick because of the interactive aspect.

These ideas barely scratch the surface of what can be done to bring out a new change in the Giza Zoo. Knowing how the construction process is still underway, we will just have to wait and see how the zoo will turn out once it is done.

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