How To Look Good In Fitted Clothing

It isn’t the fancy shoes, expensive dress, nor the latest trend that’s going to make you look good. Even with simple clothes, you can pull off any outfit if they’re well-fitting. Just remember that “fitted” is different from “tight”.

That said, here are some tips to help you look great in well-fitted clothing:

1. Choose Well-Fitted Clothes


It’s crucial to stress the importance of choosing well-fitted clothes and not settle for tight outfits. Fitted clothes provide a snug fit that can highlight your curves. On the other hand, tight clothes constrict your body and highlight lumps and bumps in the most unattractive way. Thus, the key here is to find clothes that are comfortable, as well as fit you in the most flattering way. 

2. Invest In Great Fitting Underwear

Your undergarments play a great role in making you look good in any clothing. If you’re on the voluptuous side, choose a bra with excellent support in front and on the sides. This will help ease out the bumps on your sides and back, and help create that flattering silhouette. The same goes for your panties—they should fit you well and if you have some belly to hide, it’s best to choose high-waisted undies. If you plan to wear fitted clothing while you have your period, wear period underwear such as Knix to avoid obvious lumps in places you don’t want attention. 

3. Choose Figure-Friendly Fabrics

If you’re looking for fitted dresses, you need to choose those that are made of flattering fabrics such as double-lined jerseys and fabrics that have a stretch component such as Lycra. Outfits that have a sculpted waistline and visually interesting textures and prints are also highly recommended. You should also choose outfit styles that completely cover bra straps, especially if you’re on the heavy side. This means avoiding halter and spaghetti straps, which aren’t too appealing for curvy women. 

4. Go For Mid-Rise Or High-Rise Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans aren’t just for skinny women. If you know how to choose the right details, even plus-sized women can rock skinny jeans. Choose mid-rise or high-rise fitted jeans, which will work to cover your hips and give you a long-leg look. Plus, it will also tuck in your tummy and avoid that muffin top. It’s also helpful to choose larger pockets on the backside to give your butt a good proportion. 

5. Add A Slim-Fitting Jacket Or Blazer

Create an overall slim effect by wearing a slim-fitting jacket or blazer. In purchasing a blazer or jacket, you should remember just one thing: it should fit your shoulders. Avoid buying it if it’s too loose or too tight around the shoulders because this part is almost impossible to alter even with a good tailor.

6. Wear Heeled Footwear

Although it’s difficult to wear heels, your overall look can be really rewarding. The additional height your heels give you will help you look thinner. When worn with skinny jeans, heeled shoes or sandals can make your legs look longer.

7. Choose Vertical Over Horizontal Stripes

Instead of purchasing horizontal stripes for a blouse, choose one with vertical stripes, which will make you appear leaner and taller. 

8. Learn To Love Stretch Fabric

Via Guthrei

When looking for clothes that will fit nicely, consider looking for those that are made with quality stretch fabric. Women with large frames usually find it difficult to find jeans that will fit their thighs and hips while also fitting their waist. But with stretch fabrics such as spandex, Lycra, and polyester, these fabrics will tend to hug each part of your body. Just keep in mind to find something that has a snug fit, otherwise, it can be unflattering.  

9. Consider Dark Colors

If you’re really concerned with your shape and want to appear thinner than you are, try getting pants in dark colors. Avoid extra embellishments and extra pockets to maximize the thinning effect of dark jeans. 

10. Choose Properly According To Your Height

Petite women might want to avoid maxi dresses and full-length coats. Instead, go for short skirts, cropped jackets, and mini dresses to keep your short frame in proportion. 

11. Go For One Shade

Keep it simple by choosing one shade for your outfit. Going for one color gives you a simple yet elegant look while also making you look thinner. You don’t have to stick to the same shades of one color to keep some interest in your overall look though. 

Final Thoughts

Clothes don’t define a person, but well-fitting ones can work like a charm, whether you’re attending a party or have a job interview. Using the tips outlined above should help you look good in your outfit no matter what the occasion is.

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