How to Have a Gourmet Christmas

Gourmet Egypt is famous for its clean branding, premium & fresh ingredients, as well as its latest edition “Handcrafted by Gourmet” locally produced food solutions.

I love a good grocery shopping experience! I am a firm believer in buying ‘real food’ rather than packaged ones, which have been preserved in a can for god knows how long, not even knowing what they look like!

Over the past year; we have seen an immense growth in the prepackaged frozen food sections in multiple outlets, and Gourmet has definitely taken the lead when it comes to innovation to address its customers’ needs and offer quick & easy food solutions, rich & diversified product portfolio, and great quality. Honestly, I sometimes do question the price of some of the items, but with a quick comparison to how much it will cost me to do it myself starting from shopping high quality ingredients to the hassle of actually doing the effort and having the time to cook, including all the mishaps and Youtube tutorials that I will go through, I happily choose Gourmet!

This Christmas, Gourmet has actually taken things to a whole new level and I am genuinely impressed. They have made hosting Christmas Dinner hassle free, prep free, and a situation where you need to deal with zero human interactivity.

Yes, these are the things I value!

Frozen Stuffed Turkey Breast

So how is this? Well they have pretty much broken down the ultimate Christmas dinner menu and made it for you. Mash and gravy, check! Roasted veggies, check! Pre-marinated turkey, buttered an everything… ummm check! They have even gone the extra mile and taken care of the herbed butter, so that you look extra fancy in front of your friends. If you want to really impress then, you could even introduce a new bird to the table. Perhaps you could look at a range of cockerels to try and see if that’s better than turkey. Who knows, you might find a new tradition…

As someone that usually cooks this entire dinner from scratch, I know how hectic it can get with the shopping prep for days before, cooking all day and yes I mean ALL DAY! This is no walk in the park. I usually avoid dealing with caterers although I know many that go that route are super happy with the results. Yet practical solutions like this is what Egypt lacks and I am so glad to see them coming to life.

Roasted Vegetables

I can’t wait to see what’s next for this brand, but I am so glad to see the constancy that they have shown thus far.

You can conveniently order online on their web store or contact their call center on 19339 and have everything delivered, or visit any of their locations, I would just order the turkey a couple days before to make sure you have the star of the show!

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

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