How The Middle East Is Becoming A Burgeoning Technology Hub

The upward curve in wealth and consumption across the Middle East has been exponential over the past few decades and shows no sign of slowing.

Whether it be through the oil and gas industry in countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia or the continued developments in the tourism industry in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East is currently at the very precipice of society.


Admittedly, jumping on board the often painstaking Instagram influencer bandwagon certainly isn’t for everyone, and the bright lights don’t tell the full story.

However, the economic power of the Middle East as a global group of countries continues to take hold, and other international countries are having to take note.

Key to the upturn in economic development in the Middle East is the willingness to test and trial technological innovation.

Whilst the likes of the UK and the USA have tried and tested methodology in place across a variety of mediums, the fresh eyes on proceedings are having a positive effect on daily life in the Middle East.

In a similar vein to China’s economic development at the start of the 2000s, having a receptive audience, who have worked their way away from the shackles of communism; which gives the economy the chance to thrive.

Where big technology companies choose to invest, in terms of office space and markets, is often a big giveaway to onlookers as to which countries are developing economically.

Most of the big players in the tech world had quickly identified the Middle East as a viable option for the marketplace, and not only due to their favorable tax rates.

Off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic that gripped the world in 2020, the advent of video technology became more pertinent than ever before within society.

The Middle East benefitted hugely from this upturn in video technology dominating daily lifestyles, with companies such as Zoom and Skype becoming hugely relied upon across the world.

As ever with consumers, further developments within the industry were made instantaneously as tech creators looked to identify niches in the market.

These IT companies became the most sought-after within the Middle East following the pandemic, with similar providers like Blender or NCN you can easily edit mp4 videos, etc.

Off the back of the pandemic, the emergence, and need for state-of-the-art video editing software and technological innovation remains as pertinent as ever before in the Middle East.

Beyond that, as one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world, the pull of the Middle East for big companies looking for profitable returns is now higher than ever.

As a consequence, the Middle East’s status as a technology hub is now well established.

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