How Ramadan 2021 Proved that Purposeful Art Is What Makes A Successful Series

Usually, we hear the words ‘purposeful messages’ following any question asked to a celebrity regarding a new series or a movie..but are they all really? Are all the artworks that the MENA region has witnessed throughout the past few years, as touching and effective as some of the Ramadan 2021 series? Ramadan seasons are usually jam-packed with different genres you can wish for, ranging from mystery and crimes, to romance, drama, and science-fiction.

It goes without saying, the Ramadan race is the winning horse we bet on when it comes to waiting for a fresh batch of tangling plots and fine performances. That’s why writers and directors usually opt for the intriguing storylines, the ones that keep the audience entertained throughout the 30 day marathon. However, throughout the competitive climate and fast racing, purpose is the item that can sometimes become initially overlooked and squandered along the way. If you think that not all movies and TV dramas can have the space to entrench purposeful conceptions or portray a moral story, then this article is for you. And, if you let us, we might just alter this perception of yours.

Movies and dramas were meant to fall under the name of pure entertainment, some may mutter. But, if you look closely to some of the artworks currently gracing the screen, you’ll understand how and why having purpose and a cause you’re rooting for throughout the story, is the biggest booster to the success filmmakers strive to achieve. And, before delving deeper into the matter, give your self a second to think of the series topping the trends this Ramadan season. ‘El Ekhtyar 2,’ ‘Le3bet Newton,’ and ‘Khali balak men Zizi’ are the ones people can all agree on, perhaps?

No, it’s not only because the megastars are among the cast, or because of the multiplicity of ideas and special directorial visions. Purpose is the factor that has been present among all the artworks mentioned, balancing the equation of dramatic success and serving the society. Let us break it to you. A thrilling story is hooking and all, but what keeps a certain movie, or a drama series engraved in your mind and heart? They’re probably the ones that have taught you that the emotional suffering you go through are valid emotions that shouldn’t be overlooked, but addressed head-on. Perhaps what your ex-partner was doing to you was abusive and toxic, or generally brought your attention to societal issues that you were once oblivious to. Bottom line is, it just taught you something.

Applying our theory to the 2021 Ramadan series, ‘Le3bet Newton’ is an enlightening piece of art that is capable of embodying the horde of red flags and toxic behavior through Hazem and Moenes’ on-screen characters. These are characters that we can never call pure villains, but rather, flawed people just like all of us, who shouldn’t have let their imperfections take control of their overall behavior. Through the story, trust issues, overcontrolling, and stubborn mindsets were discussed and showcased up close, as well as addressing modern societal problems like verbal divorce.

As for ‘El Ekhtyar 2,’ we can’t argue that this series has so many legs to stand on in terms of plot, production quality, and even humor. But if only one factor can overrule, again, it would be how purposeful the series is. Witnessing the scenes showcasing highly devoted, audacious military soldiers and police officers of unquestionable integrity and patriotism, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their nation and its citizens safety, revived the sense of patriotism. This was certainly appropriate, given their Egyptian audience. After the end credits of each episode, you didn’t just turn your back to the TV and forget about the whole thing. It left you in awe, and kept your mind wondering.

As previously tackled in another article, ‘Khali balak men Zizi’ has shed light on a very important issue, one that hasn’t been publicly discussed through art in Egypt before. And that would be the mental disorder, referred to as ADHD. Despite the fact the series falls under a comedy genre, it didn’t fall short on tackling consequential topics, such as normalizing one discovering his/her mental illness, and seeking medical help. The series has been effective in terms of convincing a real audience to actually go to therapy, and acknowledge the mental disturbances that they’ve spent years shying away from.

WE SAID THIS: A purposeful piece of art, is a successful one by all means!