How One Egyptian Woman is Working Towards Making Computer Engineering More Diverse 

In our current time and age, it is highly unusual to learn that certain industries are still dominated by a certain gender. Feminism and people pushing for gender equality sure have resulted in some major steps forward but still, we have a long long way to go.

Program Manager at Microsoft and Professor of Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dina Ayman spoke about her experience as a woman in the male-dominated industry, computer engineering.

“Women are absolutely capable of doing any job on the planet and be successful doing it even if it’s a male-dominated field but we tend to doubt and limit ourselves more than men ever do. And that’s what I really wish to change,” Ayman said.

She expressed her desire to raise more females that want to be in the computer engineering industry and are not intimidated by being in a male dominated field, but embracing it. 

Ayman explained that the field has gone a long way in terms of gender equality, but we still have a lot of work to do to achieve ultimate equality in the field.

“Women were not accepted in my field and the inequality was so obvious to everyone from the way [women] were treated to the way they were paid to everything in between. But it takes our voices to speak up … we really need to create the change and it took so long to get where we are but still a lot needs to improve,” she added. 

She explained that when it comes to her own personal experience she is unapologetically who she is and her beliefs will never change no matter what. 

“I would like to always bring my whole self to work and be as respected as I respect others.” 

She expressed her belief that attracting more women to the technology space starts from when they are young. She explained that we need to raise girls to see themselves as powerful as men and as brave and show them examples of successful people that look like them. 

Ayman’s passion for inclusivity and diversity in the tech field has led her to work at Microsoft with Vice Presidents and the Chief Diversity Officer to create a culture where everyone is happy and proud to be part of Microsoft.

“I have a huge passion for diversity and inclusion to create a culture that accepts everyone as who they are and create opportunities for diversified employees.”

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