How 5G Can Benefit Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Via Reuters

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are getting geared up to receive 5G technology, with experts suggesting the technology could be up and running later this year.

Saudi Arabia already has more than 1,000 telecommunications towers capable of supporting the next generation of mobile internet technology, which could transform the lives of users and businesses in the region. Uptake is expected to be huge and should provide a massive financial boost for the local economies.

Global race

The Opte Project/Wikimedia Commons

Globally, the race to be the first country to successfully roll out 5G tech is heating up. The speeds offered by the next generation of mobile internet connectivity could spark a new digital revolution and transform the way that businesses operate. Faster speeds and better connectivity will enable users to access and process data in a fraction of the time, transforming the way the world is connected in consumer, commercial, and industrial environments.

Better entertainment

In the world of entertainment, 5G could transform the way that media is consumed. Mobile gaming will be more responsive than ever and cloud gaming could really take off. With less latency, multiplayer experiences will be enhanced and gaming on any device, anytime and from any place will be seamless. Online casino and video games users will be able to enjoy high-quality games, including live gaming options with virtually instant responsiveness.

Video streaming will become even more stable and movie lovers will be able to download full-length HD or FHD movies in a matter of seconds. Service providers will be able to handle even more customers at any one time. And for users, the new technology should put less strain on their devices’ batteries as processes are completed in a fraction of the time.  

A boost for Saudi Arabian and UAE businesses

The arrival of 5G will allow networks in the Middle East to handle millions of more devices than before paving the way for a more connected region. It will enable manufacturers to bring internet connectivity to even more products with everything from street lights, parking meters and driverless cars all connected across futuristic smart cities. Homes and businesses will become more automated and manufacturing and supply chain processes will become even more streamlined, increasing productivity and profitability.

However, 5G technology will not provide all the solutions on its own. The real benefit will come to those who harness the power and speed of the new network to create new products and applications. Manufacturers of purpose-built connected devices based around the Internet of Things (IoT) concept will be looking for ways to improve our everyday lives through connected homes, while industries such as healthcare and agriculture will also be exploring ways to streamline, automate, and improve their services.

New devices in the Middle East marketplace

The next generation of devices will be even more focused on controlling our lives via a connected network with more power than ever before. A handful of 5G capable devices have already been launched and many more will be on the way in 2019. However, the devices themselves could be set to change. The new technology arrives at a time when more wearable devices (capable of delivering augmented reality and virtual reality) and connected products such as self-driving cars are being introduced. As we head towards a world where everything is connected, there will be less need to rely on a single device. If 5G technology lives up to its potential, it could transform the way we live our lives.

Is it the end of the smartphone?

The death of the smartphone has been predicted for some time. For many, the devices we rely on every day were only ever a stepping stone between our home-based internet portals and a fully-connected world without the need for devices at all. However, there is still a long way to go until we can be completely liberated from our handheld devices and smartphones are set to stay for the foreseeable future.

However, we should start to notice how the way we use our smartphones changes over the next few years. Instead of loading them with applications that interest us, we will simply use them to stay connected to our smart homes, our smart networks and our smart cities.

WE SAID THIS: The arrival of 5G will change the tech and business landscape in the Middle East to unrecogniseable degrees. Stay tuned and be ready!