Horrific Video Shows Dog Poisoned and Tortured in Cairo University


Animal abuse has been a major issue in Egypt’s streets for as long as we can remember. From horses and donkeys being beaten up with sticks, to kids abusing street cats and dogs for fun, a zoo with starving animals that live in toxic conditions, and so much more.


Yet, this video we just bumped into on Facebook just served us as a slap in the face as it shows us the final painful minutes of a poor soul’s life. The footage shows a dog that was allegedly poisoned and physically abused in Cairo University. The narrator claims that this was not the only case on their campus.


According to CART “Cairo Animals Rescue Team” Facebook page, Gabardine Nassar, President of Cairo University, ordered to poison all the dogs in the university and prevented others from rescuing the dog in that video. It was also said that the security attacked two girls who were trying to rescue the dog.


Spending years in Cairo University, I understand that the presence of dogs and cats inside the campus have become a serious problem, especially in EL-Asr el-Eini. However, there must be a humane method to handle this situation.


Via Cusradio


Nassar released a statement via Cusradio Facebook page that the actions taken were legal and under the supervision of Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Giza. The university aims at locating dogs infected with rabies, to protect the students and citizens.



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