Holiday Season is Coming Up and We Have the Perfect Gift Guide For Every Arab Filmmaker!


In case you happen to have a buddy of yours who’s always walking around with a camera, boring you to death with directing details, has a sharp eye for raccords, and carries props around in his/her car trunk, then this one’s for you. If you’re friend is not a filmmaker, then he/she is probably a sucker for cinema; I mean, there’s no other option!


Buying gifts for creative people is a hard task; like how can you ever compete with their out of the box surprises? If their birthday is coming up or you’re planning your Christmas gift a month ahead; because you really need to, then don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are 7 gift ideas your filmmaker friend will love you for!



The most obvious one, equipment! Bringing them the lens of their dreams or a gimbal would make them the happiest person on planet Earth, this I assure you! However, it doesn’t have to be a super expensive gift though. You can still bring them something on budget especially if they need it, a new tripod instead of the one they broke, a reflector, or extra memory cards. Memory cards always come in handy!

Editing software subscription


Bless your friend with the opportunity to kiss cracks goodbye by paying for the latest version of Final Cut Pro.

External Hard-drive

Via iBeesoft

Filmmakers never run out of footage, yet, they always find a way of running out of storage. A hard-drive is never a bad idea, and the larger its capacity, the merrier!

Book on filmmaking

Via No Film School

A great filmmaker never stops learning, they’re always thirsty for more knowledge. A technical book will make their self-learning process much more fruitful than the YouTube tutorials they spend hours watching.


Via Benjamin McEvoy

In case that person is very dear to you; or you’re extra generous, then this one is definitely the most perfect gift of all! offers a variety of filmmaking related courses by giants of the industry including the likes of Martin Scorcese, Ron Howard, Aaron Sorkin, and more.


Via Training Wheels Gear

This is a more budget-friendly gift, however, a sentimental one. Get them a personalized clapperboard with their name printed on it!

Movie poster

Via Pinterest

If collecting movie posters was a 90s trend, well, it never gets old for an avid film lover. Vintage posters for their favorite classic would be a plus!

WE SAID THIS: Ready to go gift shopping? 3, 2, 1, ACTION!

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