Are Egyptian Hieroglyphics Being Added as a Texting Language?

By Lojayn Eissa

Over 2,000 characters of Egyptian hieroglyphs may be available to use on mobile phones, computers, and other digital devices. The Unicode Consortium recently released a revised draft of standards for encoding Egyptian Hieroglyphs as emojis and a texting language.

Hyperallergic reported that it is “part of a larger effort between the Unicode Consortium, ancient linguists, font designers, and the US federal government to attempt to study, preserve, and then digitally represent ancient and endangered languages through the use of computer code.”

This may allow for more popular knowledge of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and in retaining the culture online. The proposed use of Hieroglyphs shows that the import of Unicode initiatives should go far beyond the popularity of Emojis.

WE SAID THIS: YAY … More Emojis for us to express ourselves!