Hidden Places Around the UAE You Need to Visit

Gulf News reader Aisha Mohammad Sultan captured this image in Hatta, Sharjah. She said: I was so surprised to see wadis and the dam filled up with rainwater. This place is called Hatta Dam, and is surrounded by the Hajer mountains, but is popularly known as Hatta Pool. It is great to visit on a day trip, and lies to the south-east of Dubai. Many tourists visit this dam for kayaking, too. Since 1980, people have been coming here to camp, but they prefer to do so when the dam water dries a little, as there is more land beside the water then.

The UAE has some unusual spots that you need to visit; it can be a great excuse to escape your daily routine and go discover some of the most unique less touristy places. You’ll have to seek some of them out yourself, but you might need a 4×4 for other destinations.

With that being said, here are some of the UAE’s hidden gems you need to explore!

Abandoned Russian Airplanes

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Via: Khalij Times

Despite its current state, in our present day, these airplanes are being used as billboards for a local hotel. The aircraft is actually a Soviet-era Ilyushin IL76. Many rumors have surrounded this behemoth ever since making it a favorite among photographers.

Al-Qassimi Palace

Via: The National

This palace is located in Ras Al-Khaimah along Sheikh Rashid Bin-Said road. Al-Qassimi palace is currently a hotel that reportedly cost AED 500 million to build. The 31-year-old hotel receives a few visitors occasionally; people are simply eager to know if the palace is really “haunted” or not!

The Buried Village

Via: Times of India

You’ll need a 4×4 to visit this village. Located in Sharjah Al-Madam road, the village is home to villas that are basically submerged under the sand. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes as you’ll need to climb a bit to discover the place.

Jebel Dhanna

Via: Mohamed Sirajudeen

Located in northern Abu Dhabi, around the coastal region, there are mountains and a beautiful sea of cliffs that are home to amazing rock formations. Through these sites ran an ancient river that dried out and left certain stone formations. It’s actually enthralling to be walking around ancient rocks that have been around longer than the UAE itself!

Big Red

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Big Red is located just outside of Dubai, on Hatta road. It’s this magnificent open desert that beautifully juxtaposes the city life! You’ll be able to notice that the further you drive away from the city the deeper the color red gets till you hit the Big Red. It’s this popular site for bashing dunes, a beautiful desert away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Fossil Rock

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You’ll definitely have an unforgettable and surreal experience at the Fossil Rock. In order for you to get there, you’ll need to drive down the Dubai Hatta road through Al-Awir. Once you arrive, take a moment and try to enjoy sitting around fossils that are over millions of years old.

Al-Qudra Oasis

Via: The cultural trip

It’s one of Dubai’s top hidden gems! It’s only 50 minutes away from downtown. The few manmade lakes which compose the oasis is with no doubt the perfect picnic spot for a quiet day. And the most exciting part about the oasis is the dozens of birds; flamingos and swans that live in the Qudra oasis, it’s literally the most exciting thing to see there.


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