Hers Celebrates Three Years of Empowering Women through Fitness


Hers’ third anniversary event, RISE, is all about the women of Egypt kicking up life to the next level. As the leading fitness provider for women in Egypt, Hers will be bringing a host of classes and top notch instructors for their fitness celebration on May 16 at the Dusit Thani.

RISE, however, is about more than just fitness. There will also be a RISE Bazaar in the mix, bringing a selection of Egypt’s finest offerings for women under one roof. To top it all off, the anniversary event will feature awareness sessions for topics that matter to women.

Finally, to honor those women who are fighting and rising above disease, Hers will be donating 10% of all proceeds from ticket sales to foundations like The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt in an attempt to stand next to these brave women in their fight.



What is the purpose of the event?


Hers is celebrating three years of success crowned at the top of the women’s fitness market in Egypt. We are bringing all our ladies under one roof to experience the phenomenal power of 3,000 strong women bound by the love of staying fit and leading a healthy life.



What does “Empowering Women Through Fitness” mean to you?


Hers is not a trend, nor is our only focus on the external appearance of women. Our target is to completely impact and influence the lifestyle of our members.

Our women are not only healthy and fit, they are strong, independent and confident women. This is a direct result of the time they spend at Hers.

Empowering women through fitness simply means that Hers will be the constant force continuously pushing our members forward and upwards.



Who are you trying to reach? Who can participate?


Since our inception, we have been focused on the same target: any woman who is serious about her health and fitness. Any woman is welcomed to join us and get the Hers experience firsthand. As always our members get preference on tickets.



What is the vibe going to be like?


Picture 3,000 women all motivated and high on endorphins led by the best women instructors Egypt has to offer participating in the latest fitness classes available worldwide.

Unparalleled would be an understatement.



Why should people attend?


Hers has touched and changed the lives of over 4,000 women through our programs, which we continuously refresh and update throughout the course of the year.

RISE will bring you the best and latest that Hers has to offer in one day, including our exhibitors and amazing surprises throughout the day!



WE SAID THIS: We love initiatives like these that focus on empowering women. See you there!