Here’s Why “Mille World” Website Will be The New Fashion Sanctuary To All Arab Women!

Via Mille World

By Summer El-Morally 

It’s 2018 already and we can all say that we have quite a number of fashion platforms to be inspired by. Ranging from the quintessential Lookbook as a constant fashion platform to our daily Instagram and Pinterest feed. However, we always get intimidated by these platforms, and with the mundane sense of not being able to convey ourselves as Arabs. With this being said, Tunisian Journalist, Sofia Guellaty came to the scene and launched The Mille World, to be the sole and only verifiable fashion platform for Arabs.

Via Mille World

Mille World was launched earlier in January 2018 and in an attempt to avoid clichés and lack of Arab manifestation; Mille World aims to create the perfect fashion and lifestyle commentary hub. In a statement that the founder made to Guellaty she clarified that “We really wanted to create the best content we could ever provide for the Arab audience but also from Arabs,” stressing on the fact that she wanted to create a safe haven for all Arab fashion enthusiasts in the region and abroad.

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