Here’s the Ultimate List of Cairo Gyms That Are Open 24/7!

Summer season is just around the corner; even though you might have missed the fact that summer bodies are made in winter, you might still have a chance to save what can be saved. If you’re not already a member at a gym, you should consider several factors while looking for one. You should look for the most convenient gym when it comes to the membership cost, benefits, facilities, coaches, nutritionists, machines, and how close it is to your home/work.

One huge plus in a gym if it opens early and closes late, and for some people, the ideal gym is one that is open 24/7! There are two kinds of people who would definitely benefit from 24/7 gyms; ones with messy schedules that like to train late, and people with very stable schedules that like to train before going to work! Also, in most good gyms, the rush hours between 6 PM and 10 PM are literally intolerable.

Here’s a list of options for Cairo gyms that are open throughout the day for early birds or night owls!

H2O Gym

Via H2O

H2O is one of the top-notch, yet not one of the very expensive gyms in Cairo, and it has a lot of branches spread all over the capital. Their cardio cinema is one of the best things that happened in the history of the fitness world.

Smart Gym

Via Smart Gym

Smart Gym also has different branches in different districts, and it combines the qualified coaches and premium machines with good prices.

Ice Gym


Ice Gym is the budget-friendly option. Last time I checked, they had an offer of EGP 3,400 a year, with a one year free! So EGP 3,400 for two years! The gym has nice facilities for its cheap price, including sauna and jacuzzi.


Via Titanium

Titanium Gym is another cool and budget-friendly option that operates 24/7 and always has good offers.

Transformers Fitness Center

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Premium service, polished machinery, great selection of classes, and certified coaches makes Transformers Fitness Center your ideal destination for achieving your body goals. What’s best about it is that it also happens to be operating 24 hours a day! What are your excuses?

Green Gym

Via Green Gym

Another destination that proudly serves fitness seekers 24/7 is Green Gym in Nasr City! From the first visit, you’ll know why they claim that they have all your fitness needs; because they actually do. The gym is fully equipped with everything you’ll need on your tough journey to body greatness.

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