Here’s Everything You Shouldn’t Miss At The Sikka Art & Design Festival

Considered a highlight of the Dubai Art Season held each spring, the Sikka Art and Design Festival has been showcasing the creative mastery of Emirati and UAE-based artists for 10 years now. It is back yet again for its 11th edition that will continue on until March 5. Held at the Al Fahhidi Historical Neighborhood in Old Dubai the artwork covering its alleyways, visitors will get to enjoy live musical performances, film screenings by Emirati, UAE & GCC based filmmakers, workshops, poetry councils, dialogue sessions and delicious local food.

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Not to miss, visitors should gaze upon the stunning murals created by artists like Emirati Fatma Al Ali, Badr Abbas and many more local artists. For a more unique experience, a great stop to make would be at the Talli House, the first of its kind in the Sikka festival. Talli is a traditional textile craft practiced in the UAE that features beautiful designs and having an entire house dedicated to the Emirati tradition at the Sikka festival is quite significant especially with it recently getting registered on the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

For the photography aficionados, there is a Photography House available dedicated to popular photographers including Emirati Noora Al Neyadi and Shoug Abdulla. With such a wide plethora of activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy so be sure to hit up the festival soon.

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