Here’s a List of the Leading Female DJs in the Arab World!

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The month of March is all about women being that the 8th is International Women’s Day and the 21st is Mother’s Day.  It’s time we start realizing that Arab women are taking the music industry by storm and we have some of the most untapped talents in the world.

Here’s a list of some of the best the region has to offer”

Kid Mims

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The Egyptian Maie El Sabi, AKA Kid Mims, is one of the most promising female DJs in the Arab World. She plays a range of genres, from techno to old school R&B, this girl is versatile.


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The UAE Based S.O.N.Y.A is taking the music scene to another level! She’s a master of Hip-hop, Funk, House, and Pop.


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Another Egyptian leading female DJ is the super-talented Akladios. The Tech-House artist didn’t only make it in Egypt, but also played in several international venues abroad!


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Literally, everyone’s favorite female DJ from the Arab World is the Palestinian leading techno DJ Sama! She recently broke the records with one million views on her astonishing set from Boiler Room Palestine.


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The Jordanian Ayn is an upcoming big name in the region’s music scene. She performed in last year’s Chill O’posite festival in Dahab and bedazzled everyone with her awesome set. Later that year, she delivered one more super cool set at The Tap West; securing a strong fanbase among Egyptian party animals.


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Bosaina is one of the DJs that made us proud with a super badass set at Boiler Room Cairo and is considered one of the leading female DJs in Egypt and in the region.


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Tala Mortada is a Beirut-based DJ that literally shapes the underground music scene in Lebanon. You don’t want to miss attending one of her gigs while you’re visiting one of the most beautiful destinations in the region.


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Ashibah is a Danish/Egyptian DJ, singer, and producer that is leaving her mark on the international music scene! Other than killing it in South America, she also filled venues in Russia, Egypt, Spain, Germany, and Romania. She also is the voice behind some of the biggest vocal tracks across the dance music scene; most recently lending her voice to Nora En Pure’s latest track.

WE SAID THIS:  Happy International Women’s Day in advance y’all!