Have Your Turkey With a Middle Eastern Twist This Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy of Cardamom and Tea

Thanksgiving is coming up, and whether you’re celebrating in the US or elsewhere in the world, it just wouldn’t be the same without a delicious turkey – the star of any Thanksgiving meal! We’ve put together a few turkey recipes that are sure to impress your guests, each with a special Middle Eastern twist.

Moroccan-spiced turkey with orange Jus

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A Moroccan-inspired spice rub is what makes this roast turkey so deliciously fragrant; pair it with our Cauliflower Tabbouleh for some real Thanksgiving fusion. Get the recipe here.

Turkey shawarma with tomato relish and tehina

Who says you have to have a whole roast turkey for your Thanksgiving feast? Change things up with this unique take on the classic shawarma sandwich. You’ll find the full recipe here.

Persian-style roast turkey with pomegranate-walnut gravy

Glazed with a sticky-sweet pomegranate reduction, this roast turkey looks so mouthwateringly appetizing that we’re having a hard time thinking about anything else. A pomegranate and walnut gravy makes this recipe all the more tempting!

Turkey koftas with toasted pita

A light alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving feast, these turkey koftas are perfect for anyone looking for a fresher, healthier option for this year’s celebration. Check out the recipe here.

Jeweled Moroccan turkey breast

Some dishes are just too beautiful to eat, and this might just be one of them. Pomegranates, dried apricots, and traditional Moroccan spices elevate a simple turkey breast to a show-stopping dish that will impress even the pickiest of foodies. Find the full recipe here.

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