Happy International Women’s Day

Today, March 8 is the international women’s day. It is the day when all women get to celebrate their political and human rights. It was first created in 1909 at the second International Conference of Working women in Copenhagen.

But here’s the thing is not everyone is familiar with what Women’s day is, which is pretty disappointing..

Today is the day to remember all the great women in our societies, communities and life. Also, it is about remembering the people who suffered for women (like me) to get the chance to become well educated beings. One of the many rights that we now take for granted that many other women back in the day wouldn’t have even dreamt about, and there is still a lot to be accomplished.

This is a day for all women, both working and housewives, around the world and since every one of us knows a woman who deserves to be appreciated, whether she is your mom, your sister or your wife. She deserves to be celebrated. Send her a card, a flower or just say thank you; whatever you choose to do on that day, just make sure to show gratitude.