Hakim’s ‘Sohab Awanta’ is Trending for All the Right Reasons; Here’s What You Need to Know

Via Instagram

The bar of expectations for music videos in the Egyptian scene is getting higher and higher. We’re no longer settling for cool cars, visually appealing locations, and sloppy choreography. We now see more and more music videos with cool concepts and creative ideas behind them. And that’s why we think we found Hakim’s latest release, ‘Sohab Awanta’, trending on YouTube with more than 600k views in a few hours!

The music video tells the story of a teenager who got ditched by his friends during his birthday, and called Hakim through an app they’re promoting that lets your request videos from your favorite celebrities. The birthday boy then dreams about Hakim actually visiting him and criticizing fake friends, hence the name of the song, ‘Sohab Awanta’. In addition to the music video, the music and the lyrics are super catchy and vibrant and will get everyone dancing in no time.

The song is composed and written by Mohamed El Fannan, the music arrangement is by Diesel, the mix is by engineer Ahmed Gouda and Osama Tarek, and the mastering is by engineer Amir Mahrous. The music video is directed by Hossam El Hossainy, and we didn’t expect less from the accomplished director who’s been making waves in the past few years with superstars like Tamer Hosny, Mohamed Ramadan, Saad L’mjaraad, Super Sako, and Gims.

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