Haifa Wehbe’s Vacation Photos Will Make You Not Want to Wear a Swimsuit Ever Again

Social media users may have been obsessing over Queen Ahlam’s latest look, and classy makeover last week, but it looks like this week’s social media obsession will also be another queen. Specifically, Queen MJK, also known as Haifa Wehbe. The “Boos El Wawa” singer has just posted pictures of herself in a sizzling black monokini, classy black sunglasses, and some sexy red lipstick.


#sunshine #love & #laughter #haifawehbe

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Wehbe is, according to her captions, on vacation. We, however, feel like these pictures have come out of a fashion photo shoot. I mean seriously Haifa, who looks like that in a swimming pool, with friends?


kissed by the #Sun ? #tan #glam #endofsummer #HaifaWehbe

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#Fun in the #sun ?☉ #summervibes #tan #pool #glamlife #haifawehbe ? #charbelmsallemphotography

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Although some commentators have slut-shamed Wehbe, after posting her first vacation photo, most commentators seem to be rightfully admirable of how gorgeous and sexy Queen MJK looks in these photos. It seems that Haifa herself seems quite not bothered by the haters and negative comments, so much so that she has posted four pictures in a row (over the past two days). And we have to say, which one of us wouldn’t feel extremely confident in that rocking body?



We just think you are being unfair to everyone Haifa. Some of us are sitting here rejoicing at the fact that summer has ended, and that we can have a stable and guilt-free relationship with carbs. again; and along comes Haifa in September with her perfect body. We mean which one of us can now shamelessly say  – after seeing these photos- “oh well it is almost winter, the lumpy sweaters will hide everything anyway.”



WE SAID THIS: We are jealous, but we are in love.