Was GUC Student Shaden Mohamed’s Death a Hate Crime?

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22-year-old Egyptian student, Shaden Mohamed, lost her life while crossing the street in Germany during a hit and run. While her death was already sad enough, news has now emerged that the hit and run was an intentional hate crime.


According to n-tv.de, a German news website, a high school student witnessed the accident and said the driver who hit her proceeded to call her out after hitting her.


“The accident was shocking, but what followed afterward was cruel. The companions of the driver laughed.” After hitting her, the 19-year-old eyewitness claims that the driver was heard saying “You have no streets where you live, but in Germany, you have to look out on the street.” He was also heard saying: “Just piss off to your country again, then you will not be approached – shitty asylum.”


It was previously reported that the driver was drunk during the hit and run, but police are now confirming that there wasn’t any alcohol in his system.


German police, however, have not released any official statement on the event till now.



WE SAID THIS: Shaden’s family and friends are collecting donations in her name. If you want to help, visit her in memory of page.

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