Here’s Why You Should Have a Mexican Suhour Tonight

Cairo’s most authentic Mexican restaurant has tailored a special suhour menu, and it’s mucho bueno.


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I’ve always been a fan of Gringo’s, ever since they were an only-delivery place (yes, that long ago), and I was immensely happy when they decided to — finally — open up a restaurant in Maadi. But here’s where it get better, Gringo’s whipped up a special menu — where they fuse Egyptian and Mexican dishes — to help its customers celebrate Ramadan.



Imagine eating a taco falafel; yup, it’s exactly what you think it is and it tastes even so much better. Cheese de Gallo (gebna bel tamatem) is another favorite of mine where I basically drowned all my nachos in them, but what trumps every thing else on their menu is hands down the foul chili con carne. All these fusions may sound bad on paper, but they somehow actually work.


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What makes this all even better is that their suhour menus are pretty budget-friendly, so if you’re against paying 100+ LE for suhour, Gringo’s has got your back.



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