Greenish Starts a New Eco-Friendly Project to Reduce Plastic Wastes in the Red Sea

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Greenish just launched a new eco-friendly project called 80% to raise awareness about plastic wastes. Why 80%? Well, it’s mainly because almost 80% of plastic wastes end up in seas and oceans, and that’s no good.

Most of the modern goods we consume everyday is unfortunately made of plastic. The downside of plastic is that it’s a petroleum-based product that happens to be non biodegradable. Plastic could take thousands of years to decompose, that’s why every single piece of plastic ever manufactured probably still exists on the planet!

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When plastic ends up in seas and oceans, this doesn’t just pollute the environment, but also endangers the marine eco-system along the way. Imagine sea turtles mistaking micro-plastics for a viable food source, that would cause blockages in their digestive systems.

The 80% project is basically an awareness campaign against plastic wastes, especially those that end up in the seas and oceans that make up about 71% of the Earth’s surface. A team from Greenish was sent two days ago on a 600 km long journey passing by the towns on the Red Sea. During their trip, they will raise people’s awareness about the crucial issue and how we could reduce its negative impact. There will also be lots of activities and art workshops to recycle plastic waste collected from the sea.

Greenish is a social startup that provide innovative and educational solutions for the environment through art. They believe that art is the perfect tool that could be used as a catalyst for social change. That’s why they offer a wide selection of art workshops such as recycling workshops, home planting, and theater workshops.

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The 80% project is fully funded by Greenish. The social business used 25% of the profits earned in 2017 to provide all the required finances. They believe in their social responsibility towards the environment so they seek to change and educate the Egyptian community. Especially those in smaller towns outside of Cairo as they believe that they don’t get the full support.

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