A Guide for Everyone That Wants to Attend El Gouna Film Festival but Can’t

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If you’re a movie junkie like myself and feel sad due to the fact that you can’t make it to El Gouna Film Festival (because of work), then buckle up, because Twitter MENA has just announced the most comprehensive guide to being up-to-date with everything that happens in the festival — basically, it’ll be as if you are there.


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The excitement around El Gouna Film Festival is getting stronger every second as the festival is set to take place from the 22nd till the 29th of September at the Red Sea resort town.


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If you can’t make it to the event, Twitter is providing us all with ways to tune in live and join the conversation with your favorite celebrities. Live Q&A sessions will take place exclusively on the platform with celebrities at the festival — these sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, so catching them live is key. Below is how you can engage in a live video conversation with celebrities through Twitter.



Step 1: Follow the right accounts


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Follow @ElGounaFilm on Twitter, in addition to hosts @KhalidMans and @ShadiAlfons. Tip: For you, avid fans, select the ‘Turn on mobile notifications’ option for @ElGounaFilm to be notified of every tweet by the festival during that week.



Step 2: Monitor 


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Watch out for tweets from any of these accounts over the upcoming celebrity Q&A sessions, being held exclusively on Twitter. These tweets will be announced at least 24 hours in advance of the live Q&As, and will include the time and hashtag for the specific Q&A session (e.g. #AskYoussra, #AskSheikhJackson, #AskHendSabry).



Step 3: Ask 


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Tweet your question right away by including the Q&As hashtag (e.g. What was your favorite movie screening so far? #AskYoussra). Tip: Don’t wait for the live Q&A session until you tweet your question, as your tweet will be considered and seen even before the live session.



Step 4: Tune in live 


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Tune into the celebrity’s live responses from @ElGounaFilm account on Twitter. The celebrity will either respond with a video, text or by ‘liking’ your message.



Step 5: View the highlights 


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Watch out for the summary Q&A tweet that will be shared from both @ElGounaFilm and the celebrity’s Twitter account. This Twitter collection will appear as a timeline of the Q&A highlighting the key responses. Tip: @MomentsMENA will also tweet the Q&A highlights that you can retweet, like and share with your followers.



WE SAID THIS: Wherever you may be, Twitter will bring El Gouna Film Festival to you!