Good News People! Hot Air Balloons are Back in Luxor’s Skies

Thousands of years ago, Luxor, known back then as Thebes, was the metropolis of the ancient Egyptian civilization and one of a handful of urban centers around the world.

The city is laden with tombs, temples, columns, and monuments of superb artistry, becoming, in our modern day, one of the world’s most-visited cities. Tourists from every corner come to Egypt to witness the magnificence of the world’s oldest civilization four thousand years later.

From Luxor Temples and the First Pylon to Medinet Habu, Luxor is often dubbed as the world’s greatest open-air museum, and what better way to witness such awe than to see it all from above.

The hot air balloon attraction at Luxor has been one of the most-beloved touristic activities in all of the city. Getting the chance to witness the city’s beauty from a vantage point is an experience like no other. However, in January 2018, when one air balloon crashed because of bad weather, killing one South African tourist and injuring many others, the government has imposed a ban to put an end to hot air balloons floating in Luxor’s skies.

Because of prior crashes in past years, Egypt has had some safety concerns as now it is the record holder for deadliest balloon accidents in history. Nevertheless, after another incident where one balloon drifted of its course, the government has imposed an 80-day ban in an attempt to add more regulations and check on the maintenance of currently in-use balloons.

The hot air balloon is now back for the first time since July and will be floating through Luxor’s sky. The city’s aviation authority has announced that yesterday has marked Luxor’s first air balloon tour since the ban has been applied.

Luxor is, indeed, one breathtaking city filled to the brim with splendid buildings and monuments that are better experienced several meters high into the clouds, and now, with Egypt’s updating and betterregulating safety regulations, it is one of the most beautiful, underrated adventures in Egypt.

Imagine a setting sun with other air balloons adorning the orange skies with picturesque colors over a city that goes back millennia into a time when Egypt was the world’s first superpower. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

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