Global Parents Day: 21 Hilariously Absurd ‘ifs’ we Were Told as Arab Kids

As kids, it was way easier to believe all sorts of things. But often, it went too far. We only realized how far we’d gone in regards to our gullibility once we grew older, and gained a level of common knowledge we were obviously lacking back then. We have gathered for you here ridiculously hilarious myths and ideas we were told as kids, and they’ll definitely ring a bell or two to each and every person raised in the Arab world. From ‘law akalty bezr shagara hatetla3 f batnek’ to our infamous ‘Omena El Ghoula,’ you will find yourself nostalgically laughing at all the laughable ideas you were once fed by Arab parents.

If you eat watermelon seeds, a tree will grow in your stomach 

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If you swallow gum, it will take seven years to digest

If you don’t finish your food, it will run after you on judgement day 

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If you crack your knuckles, your fingers will get bigger 

If you misbehave, you will enter a room filled with rats 

If you eat carrots, your vision will improve 

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If you don’t drink milk, your bones will break 

If you take the Pokemon from the chips, you’ll get cancer 

If your flipflop is flipped upside down, it’s considered ‘haram’ 

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If you play with fire, you will wet yourself in bed 

If you look in the mirror, you will get possessed 

If you cry or sing in the bathroom, the spirits will enter your body 

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If you kill a gecko, you will go to heaven 

If you hear the donkey ‘hee-haw,’ it means there are spirits around you 

If you get a cat, you will never get pregnant 

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If you eat tomatoes, your cheeks will get redder 

If you eat cucumbers, your eyes will become green 

If you eat with your left hand, the devil will eat with you 


If you throw your tooth towards the sun, you must say ‘ya shams, ya shamoosa’ 

If you sleep with socks, you’ll get nightmares 

If you wander about, you’ll get a visit from ‘omena el ghoula’ & ‘el regl el maslookha’ 

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