Get Ready to Laugh Your Heart out Because Mohamed Heneidy Is Coming to a Stage Near You

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Going to a live theater show used to be one of Egypt’s main attractions, but the stage’s spotlights slowly faded away over time, due to the lack of quality and investors who preferred to produce movies rather than plays. What brought it back to popularity was Ashraf Abdelbaky stepping into the picture with ‘Masrah Masr’. His initiative’s success encouraged people to give it their all once again, including comedy giant, Mohamed Heneidy, who just hopped in and joined the crowd after years of theatrical absence.

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After his iconic Aa’frotto, Alabanda, and Hazemny Yah, Heneidy came back with a brand new play that is expected to premiere at the beginning of 2019

“Talat Ayam Fel Sahel”, directed by Magdy El Hawary and brought to you by Cairo Show, will debut on the 10th of January. The performances will be taking place at Movenpick Hotel Media City at 9 PM, however, the rest of the schedule is still to be announced along with the tickets’ prices. Speaking of which, you can head to TicketsMarché to start booking your tickets.

WE SAID THIS: For more information, keep an eye on the Facebook event.  Meanwhile, we’re crossing our fingers hoping for nonstop laughter to start the new year with.