German Grassroots Group ‘Voices In Europe For Peace’ Calls For Petition Signing & Ceasefire

Grassroots European group originated in Berlin and is using democratic tools to express European demand for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. On their website, they have brought the protest online, since the German government banned people from going on Pro Palestine protests. They are currently collecting signatures for a Voices in European for Peace petition.

The initiative is demanding de-escalation, ceasefire, and humanitarian aid and they are planning to do that by emailing the petition to a huge number of European officials. Thousands of emails have been sent to officials so far.

They have a Voices in Europe for Peace template that can be signed and emailed to elected European officials expressing the desire and demand to de-escalate the critical situation in the Gaza Strip. They have set up a website that provides contact of local officials available in several local languages.

The template email reads:

“The Israeli government is collectively punishing the population of Gaza for the actions of Hamas but collective punishment is a war crime that breaches international humanitarian law.
This is urgent. The German Government must intervene now to ensure we are not complicit in war crimes. Our history obliges us to speak up when injustice is being committed. We have a duty to protect all people. The violence of today will create the violence of tomorrow.

In Germany, demonstrations and protests in support of Palestine are banned and harshly dealt with by the police. The German government is actively suppressing peace activists and Palestine supports, therefore, Grassroots or Voices in Europe for Peace is born out of the rejection of such suppression and public censorship.

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