Generations: A Scoop of Generation Z, What’s on Their Minds?

By Mohamed Karrem

There’s no better way to write about Gen Z except embracing their own way of texting. It’s so free and straightforward such as them, which surprisingly, will make u fully concentrated on their short and comprehensive message.

Doubtlessly, Gen Zers are considered the most creative generation, and u can look at their lifestyle and how they’re living it differently. TBH they seem satisfied with their deeds and happy with their perception of life. They always have a goal, something to live for it, and self-identity is their ultimate purpose in life.

The open-minded mentalities for Gen Zers left a significant impact on their diversified identities, and how they see their Generation Z peers is quite different from their own self-identity.

By the way, this can give u a hint of why they aren’t comfortable with each other, and always get bothered by their presence. 

The matter of fact that they are more risk-averse in several activities than elder’s generation can surprise u more than them, which is so noticeable in the number of Gen Zers who graduated from secondary school and joined a college obeying to their culture and parenting style, even Millennials couldn’t compete with this.

They have left no words to speak about their carelessness towards their financial life, which boosted their sense of freedom and established a feeling of anxiety. 

So, sharing their interest and suffering in life is one of the things that have its own way to blur it out l, and hashtags are a better example.

Agree with Gen Z or disagree, but don’t deny that their lifestyle just saved you a few seconds in reading an article.