Generations: A Scoop of Gen. Y. An Interview With a Millennial

By Mohamed Karrem

Millennials are representing more than 27% of our population, besides their full participation in the labor force nowadays. You can meet them at work, events, parties, or even on TV, which is crystal clear that this is their time, so let’s walk in their shoes for a while to experience their perspective regarding life. 

What influenced your choices in life?

The Digital Age, terrorist attacks, Role Models, Cinema, Music, and we hope to be the next great generation and to also be able to change all the wrong we see in the world today. I’ve also been known to depend on technology more than I depend on humans, therefore the other generation perceives us as heartless and practical machines, which might be true.

Are you truly a world changer?

I claiming that half of Millennials in the workforce today are already in leadership positions, and you can ask @Amr Helmy and @Mohamed Aboulnaga Nagaty about it. During which, most gen-Xers and baby boomers were still in junior-level positions.

I’m fully appreciated to the Digital age and gadgets that have given us an opportunity to complacency. I’m aware of the fact that some of us are addicted to it, but the rest know how to utilize it to change the world. Nevertheless, we are the first generation to truly embrace this technology. You can look back on history to compare our accomplishments with the accomplishments of the other generations, we may be perceived as narcissists as they claim, but at least look at our numbers.

Tell me more about your generation? 

We are ambitious but not entirely focused or attached to our gadgets. On the other hand, we are at ease in teams, multiculturalism runs through our blood, and eager to spend money. We are innovative people, open to new ideas, political and economic savvy, self-absorbed, and have a strong sense of entitlement. We tend to seek responsibility, achievement-oriented, want to be challenged (don’t want boring jobs) and we respond poorly to those who act in an authoritarian manner or who expect to be respected due to the higher rank alone.

What do you admire about your generation?

Oh, it’s really hard to tell. Maybe if you looked at the lifestyle of each one of us you will notice that we like to do it our way. Just look at someone like @Hossam Heikel and how he made it to the business world from scratch, @Amina Taha the mother who can inspire any woman to be perfect in every way with simple artistic postures, @Mazen Yassen who is  gifting people an offbeat eye to the typical world, or even @ Mohamed Andeel and his bravery to break the taboos and speak out our minds.     

What is your code in life?

We fully accept events, the world around us, and most importantly ourselves, besides that we are reforming our culture by our own experiences rather than that of our ancestors because we know that we must move with the times. Cultural changes in behavior have led to superficial behavior like the sexual revolution and how it has allowed us to sleep around and move on easily. Yes, we live to ourselves and we are walking away from careers to just enjoy life. Therefore, in between all the negativity, we are loving ourselves more, and that’s why we are able to help others.