Gargabeta Boutique Hotel Will Be Your New Favorite Stay in Dahab

via Everyday Cafe

Dahab is one of the most beautiful cities in South Sinai, best known for its hipster vibes. It’s definitely one of those places where you can disconnect from the world and then reconnect again if you want. If you feel like isolating yourself by being surrounded by crystal clear water and the mountains reaching out for the clear blue sky, your only ceiling, then Dahab has this for you. If you want to reconnect, mingle with complete strangers and have the time of your life, Dahab also has this for you. This town simply offers you the best of both worlds, and now, it has a new surprise to offer.

Being well known with one particular iconic café for its colorful decorative style, both Everyday café and The Town have gained so much popularity recently. It was everyone’s dream to go steal a photo on ‘the’  swing. Of course, you all know which swing I’m talking about — even though a few more swings made an appearance in town, but there’s this one in particular. Everyday café recently released its biggest news, the ones about opening up a new hotel in town, Gargabeta Boutique Hotel.

Via Gargabeta Boutique Hotel

Gargabeta Boutique Hotel is a small hotel, powered by Everyday café, that just opened its doors to the hardcore Dahabians on the 20th of December. The hotel is located just a couple of minutes away from the café, which is located behind Ghazala market and right next to Go Bus station. Hence, the location is just brilliant; close to the bus stations and the centre.

Via Gargabeta Boutique Hotel

Moving on to the hotel itself, that’s a whole new story. Just like Everyday, of-course, the building is just like a color pop. The colorful building simply speaks for itself, and then there are the rooms. Every single room has a name which reflects its theme of décor. So if a room goes by the name psychedelic, Nubian, or Bedouin, you can expect what you’re getting. Not just that, but everything decorating the rooms is creatively unconventional, and we like it.

Via Gargabeta Boutique Hotel

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