Game of Thrones Days Are Over but the Memes Are Just Getting Started

Spoilers ahead. Avoid reading if you haven’t watched the series’ grand finale.

I have spent the past five years of my life obsessing over Game of Thrones. Your friends’ posts on social media about the show being the greatest thing to ever grace TV screens are true. I believe nothing will ever compare to it or consume us as intensely.

The eighth season started airing six weeks ago and fans are lost. Some have ranted over the character developments and others craved for details found in George R.R Martin’s books. We were all glued to our screens every Monday morning, nevertheless.

One of the best things about the show are the fan theories. Once the episode ends, thousands of speculations and interpretations hit the internet and we start believing in possible scenarios. But let me tell you this, no one ever speculated Bran Stark to be the one to sit on the throne in the finale.

And Jon Snow stabbing Daenerys while kissing her? Drogon trying to bring her back? I died a thousand deaths watching that episode. Jon Snow was literally screwed into living with guilt in the damn cold for the rest of his life.

While so many details were left unexplained, the show has come to an end and we need to move on with heavy hearts. The memes, however, are a good distraction from Ramadan’s hunger and Jon’s miserable ending:

WE SAID THIS: Thank you GOT for all the memories!