Fun and Creative Easter Egg Hunt Games

One of my favorite things about Easter is the egg hunt on the first morning of the holiday. When I was a kid, my parents would make us, kids, go to our rooms so they would hide all the plastic eggs around the house filled with all kinds of candy.

Although the egg hunt is not the main purpose Easter, it’s still a fun tradition that I for sure will continue to do in the future with my kids. So, I thought it would be more fun to try out an alternative, yet creative, Easter egg hunt games with your family. It would definitely add a little twist to your holiday tradition this year!

Here are a few ideas for you to try out.

Golden Ticket

Via: Good House Keeping

In this game, you have to fill one of the plastic eggs with a golden ticket and let your kids run around collecting eggs and the one that finds the one with the golden ticket inside would be able to trade it for a special prize.

Perfect Patterns Egg Hunt

Via: Hallmark Ideas

Have your kids look for a particular pattern or specific order while collecting the eggs and once they nail it, they’d get to win the big prize!

Hopping Hunt

Via: Play Party Plan

This is a very active and upbeat game. It’s where you fill the plastic eggs with fun printables with directions written on them like “hop like a bunny” when searching for the next clue! This way, everybody will get moving on Easter morning.

Bunny Trail

Via: Lizy B Bakes blogspot 

This game is perfect for children between the age of 2-8; a very simple and adorable DIY project. It’s where you send your little ones to follow the Easter bunny footsteps to collect the eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

Via: Good House Keeping

Easter is not only about searching for eggs. With this checklist, you can ask your kids to locate different things around; like flower, bikes, and eggs in certain colors. This way, they get to learn and have fun at the same time.

Puzzle Piece Hunt

Via: Good House Keeping

I personally found this game the most creative! It’s where you fill plastic eggs with puzzle pieces with different words written on them, and your kids would have to collect those eggs to put these little pieces together.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Via: Play Party Plan

Write clues that would send your little ones around the house searching for the next location where the clues would be hidden; clues like “run really fast” or “this is where we keep the eggs”. Hide the clues in eggs and write a number on each so that they wouldn’t skip an egg. Have them lead to the big prize at the end, one for each kid.

Reverse the Roles Easter Egg Hunt

Via: Play Party Plan

Reverse the roles this year when searching for eggs. Let your kids this time fill Easter eggs with pieces of paper written on them chores they want to skip for a day or to stay up late an extra hour. Have the kids hide the eggs for you to go look for them! Any egg that is not found in a particular amount of time is the one kids would ultimately get to keep.


WE SAID THIS:  “Easter is the only time of year where it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket.”