From Wedding Mirrors To Dance Bubbles: Elevate Your Arab Wedding With These 5 Creative Twists

Knowing that wedding season is in full swing we thought of getting a little creative and sharing with you some of the ways you can make heads turn during your big day. We tapped into our creative hats to give you some unique ideas on how you can try to make your wedding day even more memorable.

A Welcome Mirror

In weddings, it is important to make guests feel welcome and special. There are many ways this is done but we know that you want to add that unique touch to your own wedding. That is why we are introducing to you the welcome mirror.

At the entrance of the wedding, you’ll add this unique mirror that will be etched with a special message of your liking. For example, you can go for “welcome to the wedding of ‘name of bride’ and ‘name of groom’.”

You can also include the date of the wedding below. Every time guests come in, they’ll check themselves out in the mirror, maybe snap a mirror selfie or two. It’s fun, interactive and a great way to start the wedding festivities.

Vintage Photography

Sometimes it is good to go back to the good ole times of plain and simple vintage photography, of taking your camera and getting your photos ready in a dark room.

Having them printed and being able to hold them in your hand has an unbeatable nostalgic quality. So why not hire a photographer to snap some photos, get them printed and add them to a photo book like old times? You can even add them to a frame or hang them on a string.

A Dance Bubble

We all know that weddings have their very own dance zone but we want to introduce to you something completely different. Meet the dance bubble, a dedicated space shaped as a glass bowl with an entrance. Inside, you’ll find a hanging disco ball emitting a kaleidoscope of colors and massive speakers. So, what’s the catch?

In this dance bubble, you get to have your own private dance party with the bride and groom, connecting your own phone to the speakers and dancing it out to your own selection of songs. We have a feeling people will ditch the dance floor for this new space.

Private Last Dance

In weddings, there are traditions that our dear to our hearts. From the ‘zaffa’ to the cake cutting segment between the bride and groom.

Along with that is the very special first dance between the newly weds. Thing is, not all of us love having the entire room watching as we dance it out with our partner. Sometimes, the bride and groom want to make the moment more intimate

That is how a private last dance comes in. Once everyone leaves the wedding party, at the very end of the day, the bride and groom can make a quick return to the wedding venue and dance it out whether under the stars or below the chandelier of a massive wedding hall.

A Dark Dance Party

We got this idea at a friend’s wedding. While dancing it out on the dance floor, all of a sudden, silence and darkness overtook the space.

The power was out but that didn’t ruin the moment as everyone opened the flashlight on their phones, lightening up the space in the most unconventional way. Guests became the speakers, singing their hearts out and dancing the night away.

Now, we want to replicate this on purpose by having your very own dark dance party. Shut the lights, get your glow sticks out and get your singing chops ready, belt it out, acapella style. It’s like vintage photography. We are turning the wheels back to simpler times.

These are just a few ideas you can go for. Let us know which ones you are willing to try and if you yourself have your own ideas you want to share.

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