From Sharif Tanyous to Soraya Shawky, 10 Egyptian Makeup Artists That Are Masters of Glam

By Yara Osama

To work as a makeup artist requires not only talent but also a magical touch to differentiate one’s work from others. In Egypt, there are so many people who now call themselves “makeup artists” but you rarely find one that can glam you up and still keep your own features, we all want to look in the mirror and still see ourselves! That’s why we have rounded up a list of our favorite Egyptian makeup artists who are the secret behind the glow-up and the incredible looks of many girls as well as celebrities. 

Sharif Tanyous

He is an Egyptian-Lebanese Makeup artist, who was certified from Makeup Forever Academy in Paris. Shariff does celebrity makeup, bridal makeup, and soiree makeup. What differentiates Shariff from other makeup artists is his perfect contouring, his incredible eyeshadow, and his highlights for sure. His makeup is known for its unique mixture of colors. 

Mahmoud Rashad

Rashad is known for his bold makeup as he mainly focuses on highlighting the eye makeup. It’s important to know also that he recently began to focus more on showing the pharaonic features. I can’t keep my eyes off from looking at the miracle makeup that he recently did for Sawsan Badr. 

Laurice Matta

The Lebanese-Egyptian makeup artist, Laurice, is known for her simple makeup that attracts mainly Egyptian celebrities who tend to have a simple look like Ghada Adel, Hana Shiha, Eman El- Assai, and Salma Abu El Deif.

Soraya Shawky

She started her career after traveling to Berlin in order to study fashion design at ESMOD fashion school. Soraya also wanted to increase her knowledge so she had her masters in makeup and hair-artistry from Barcelona. She was also appointed as the official makeup artist and spokesperson for L’Oréal Egypt.

Soraya doesn’t only do bridal makeup but she also works in cinema, films, and special effects FX. She usually focuses on the details in makeup, and you’ll notice how each makeup look is different than the other as she customizes the makeup looks for each client’s preference.

Aya Abd El-Hamid

Aya is an Egyptian makeup artist that got her certificate from both Hollywood and London. She got her talent from her father, the incredible celebrities’ makeup artist, Mohamed Abd El-Hamid. She is known for her perfect glams and the special effects of FX makeup. Follow her on Instagram for more of her tips and tricks. 

Zeina El-Naggar

Zeina has become one of the most popular makeup artists in Egypt. She is a self-taught makeup artist who loved doing makeup since she was a child, she continued and followed her passion and started her career by doing bridal makeup at the age of 18, then she became well-known for her magical makeup and started to do makeup for celebrities as well. 

Dina Ragheb

A well-known makeup artist that is known for her ‘no-makeup’ looks. She turns brides into stunning angels through her magical touches. Brides always go for Dina to glam them with her makeup.  

Passant Kholaif

Passant is a self-taught makeup artist as well who loved doing makeup. She does unique and gorgeous looks for the brides, her passion for makeup is evident in the looks she crafts.

Reham Khalifa

She’s an Egyptian makeup artist who’s known to use bold colors in her makeup which distinguishes her from other makeup artists. The colors used by Reham are very bright colors that glow her clients whether celebrities, models, or brides. Her makeup is effortlessly flawless.

Abdallah El-Refaei

He’s an Egyptian makeup artist that’s known to do a very creative makeup. Abdullah focuses on highlighting the beautiful features of the face through his make-up by using sharp eyeliner and bold red lipstick in many of his looks. His makeup is distinguished by its boldness and clarity of colors.

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