From Setting Boundaries to Standing Up For Your Peers, Here Are 7 Tips to Help Combat Bullying

There have been huge strides taking place to combat the bullying culture dilemma that has unfortunately invaded our societies. We’ve stumbled across several incidents where people have been rejected for jobs, merely for the way they looked. Case in point, Thanaweya Amma student, Ahmed Omar, who was recently bullied and rejected when applying to Kafr El-Sheikh University bluntly for the way he looks! Being told literally that “his looks weren’t suitable”. The incident was met with criticism from many, celebrities included, supporting the student to an extent that we can say was actually surprising, in a good way.

Despite the government’s amended law thay enforces penalties against bullying, it still seems like it’s not enough to diminish the bullying phenomenon. And although all efforts have been drastically helpful and constantly changing, there remains one consequential element missing… you! People on an individual level need to be aware of how important their roles are in terms of fighting and ending bullying.

After seeing multiple incidents in a relatively short time span, we’ve decided to delve into the matter, examine the roots of the cause, as well as provide simple tips on how to act if you find yourself or someone else being bullied.

Learn self-defense

It goes without saying that learning defensive moves will help victims stand up to bullies. Those who are physically skillful are less likely to be a target for the bullies and will make it easier to help those who need it.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically

Preparation is key. According to Nationwide Children, one ought to prepare themselves both mentally and physically. Mental preparation can be embodied in reading about bullying, why it happens, and how other people transcend the bullying experiences. Such inspiration could be of great help.

Raise awareness about it on social media

Social media platforms have immense power to create change; it has become as clear as ever now that social media campaigns are literally changed our reality, from jailing harassers to amending the law. So, if we join forces to make sure the issue passes the “trending phase” and adopt a more serious approach towards it, we can gradually climb the ladder of clemency.

In case you’re being bullied, always stay calm

Did you ever think where did the idea of bullying stem from? Well among many reasons, looking cool, in charge, and fierce, are ones of the main triggering factors. According to Stomp Out Bullying Organization, the look of fear and anticipation in the eyes of the weaker parties somewhat reinforces a sense of strength and power in the bully’s mentality. But let us imagine a second scenario; if the bullied acted indifferent when the bully is calling one names and verbally attacking, you’d see how embarrassed the offender will be?

Sometimes the solution to similar issues is as simple as neglecting them as if they were not there.

Parents should encourage anti-bullying behavior

Aiming to put the coverlids on the matter for good, let’s go back to the deep roots and detangle the interrelated wires. According to Nationwide Children on how to fight a bully and never become one should land to the long list of essentials when parents raise their kids. It should be as important as teaching your kids not to steal or kill, simply because bullying by words can cut deep and literally drive someone into committing suicide.

Educate your little ones about self-control, sympathizing with others, and to always be by the “victim team”, standing up for the weak when they need help, becoming the voice for the voiceless. Such concepts should be embedded within individuals from a young age.

Use The Buddy System Against Bullies 

Nationwide Children also focuses on the importance of standing up for your peers, because when seeing your friend being bullied it’s always great to make them feel supported and that they have a bunch of few good confidantes by their side. It will surely force the bully into taking many steps back.

Set clear and enforceable rules and expectations 

As part of the “solving the matter from the roots” plan, this tip will come into play. Crisis Prevention Institute advocates that to apply clear anti-bullying rules at schools and universities will further contribute to building the justice path we’re trying to pave. Teachers and people in charge should monitor students’ behaviors, but strict rules and dire consequences shot at the face of the bullies; to be a lesson for all.

WE SAID THIS: Together we shall put an end to such hideous act!