From Heart Shaped Truffles To Chocolate Bouquets: Here Are The Top Chocolate Stores For The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

The most romantic day of the entire year is around the corner, the infamous Valentine’s Day and unlike many other occasions, this particular love-induced event calls for a full-scale over-the-top celebration equally matched by specially selected gifts and treats. Now is a good time to start preparing for the upcoming occasion with everything from picking the venue to setting up a romantic itinerary. But one thing you cannot forget whether single or with your significant other Valentine’s Day demands a sugar overdose.

Every year, all across Cairo, chocolatiers churn out their finest from heart shaped ganache to gigantic chocolate bouquets…so to get you ready for the day, we’ve prepared a comprehensive collection of shops specialized in this decadent confectionary.


With over 17 branches scattered all across Cairo, Passionelle has been mastering the art of chocolate making since 1995. Beyond their specialty of selling assorted chocolates incased within fine glass bowls and crystal vases, they also sell seasonal chocolate sets for all types of occasions ranging from Mother’s day to Easter. With Valentine’s day, they are known for their golden wrapped heart shaped chocolates that come in three kinds of boxes either the 6 piece, 13 piece or 25 piece box with their prices ranging from 125 to 375 EGP.

House of Cocoa

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The cozy store has been an all-time favorite for all-chocolate lovers offering everything from decadent molten cakes to chocolate bomb domes. They also have their very own collection of assorted praline chocolates with unique fillings like raspberry, caramelized hazelnut and French biscuit flakes. When it comes to Valentines Day, they up the factor and make unique chocolate creations including their Love Hammer Chocolate Box that consists of a large heart-shaped praline chocolate served within a rustic wooden box and paired with a wooden hammer for a truly playful and indulgent experience. To check their full roster of products, you can head to their official website or any of their 10 local branches.


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Opening its doors way back in 1974, the Lebanese chocolatier has stores open all across the region including Egypt. Patchi is known to present chocolates in the most luxurious and extravagant style, stacked elegantly within crystal vases and ceramic bowls. They bring that same flair and execution to their Valentine’s Day collection whether it’s through their playful kiss shaped chocolates or vibrant red packing. You can personalize your very own special gift by heading to any of their stores across the capital.


The local artisanal brand has been making waves since opening shop at Arkan Plaza, creating everything from chocolates and pastries to ice-cream. Bringing something new to the table, they specialize in colorfully decorated and uniquely shaped chocolates that come in punchy flavors like coffee and pistachio. When it comes to their chocolate boxes, they offer a wide range of options from their 25 pieces medley box for 675 EGP to their 75 piece crunch box for 2025 EGP. With Valentine’s Day, this is the place to go for a more unique and playful gift for your loved one.


Known as a luxurious shop specialized in gem-like patisseries, the store also offers a wide selection of handcrafted chocolates and decadent truffles. Every time an occasion arrives, the store prepares its own collection of specially decorated chocolates whether its their red and green truffles for Christmas or their red dusted chocolates for Valentines Day. You can drop them a visit at any of their Cairo branches including New Cairo, Maadi, Heliopolis and Sheikh Zayed.


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Beyond it being home to the cutest cupcakes and delicious macarons, the special bakery is also known to make its very own collection of chocolates for any special occasion. Served in their signature mint green boxes, they have their own set of colorful truffles, multicolored heart shaped chocolates as well as the mixed box of assorted chocolates. With that, you’ll have plenty of options to pick from for your Valentines Day gift.

With your chocolates picked out and ready, you can also pair your gift with a bouquet of red roses, a classic pairing that will make for a unique and special way to commemorate the day with your loved one.

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