Forget About Cook Books and YouTube Videos, This Instagram Account Is Everything!

Via What's Cooking

To some people, cooking is an enjoyable process they’re passionate about. To other, it could be a nightmare and a total disaster, especially if you live solo! What two people cannot disagree on is that we all love food; at least that’s the case if you’re Egyptian. So whether you’re a good cook looking for more recipes to master or you just suck at it but you’re forced to go through the daily process of feeding yourself, don’t worry, this Egyptian guy based in Europe has the ultimate solution for you!

Via What’s Cooking

What’s Cooking, founded by Bassem Gad, is an Instagram account that basically replaces any cooking book or YouTube video with its simple step-by-step tutorials. Gad shares photos that will arouse your taste buds, but you’ll have to go through his Insta-stories or highlights to satisfy them. Every day, he posts easy tutorials using photos and videos with all the ingredients and steps that recipes are made of. And of course, after the 24-hour story is over, the finger licking good recipes go to the highlights section. So, don’t fret, you won’t miss out!

You’ll find recipes of culinary creations from all over the world, not just Egyptian cuisine. So, whatever your tastes and preferences are, your kind of menu for dinner tonight is guaranteed! Here are our favorite recipes; just make sure to check them out in the highlights for the full tutorial.

WE SAID THIS: We’re ready for a food coma!

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