Food Review: Dousha’s Cupcakery Candy Table Is Almost Too Pretty to Eat

So, I went to this wedding and bumped into a candy table and started munching away my guilt for an hour straight. I ended up ranting the next day on social media about the foodgasm I had in Mena House Hotel on a Saturday night. Next thing we know, a Halloween-themed candy table, the exact same one that I gushed over for hours, walked right through our office’s door to save my soul from the agony of cookie withdrawal.



The witch craft cookies


Via Dina Hashish


There is an international code (or more of an agreement) for what cookies’ texture should be like. It is supposed to be crispy and crunchy with little chocolate chips that send you straight to paradise. Now this cookie over here managed to defy logic, physics and an international coding system. You look at it and it fools you into thinking it is just another boring, yet addictive cookie and oh boy, you are in for a treat.


It’s hard on the outside and so freakin’ soft and juicy from the inside that I actually started a rumor that it is injected with some sort of happiness hormone. Serotonin maybe? Or is that Nutella? Ugh! We’ll never know.



The softer-than-cotton-candy cupcake


Via Dina Hashish


I’m speechless. I just can’t find words to type. Hands down, the perfect cake and the thing that sets it apart is that you can eat six and don’t even feel a thing. Yes, it is that light.



The bite-sized Bounties and what we would like to call happy soul pops


Via Dina Hashish


Guys, These coconut balls are to-die-for. They are literally mini-Bounties and they’re so light, you can eat a dozen without even feeling one ounce of cellulite guilt. Honestly the cake pops are geometrical perfection. How many times have you picked up a cake pop at a wedding, only to end up with half of it on your dress?


Dousha’s pop, which we call happy soul pops because your body literally pops with euphoria, are perfectly-sized adorable mummies that taste like everything you’ve ever dreamed of.



The spooky marzipan


Via Dina Hashish


How cute are those skull and ghost shaped marzipans. So adorable, so tasty, so unlike marzipan, I’m so eating this baby again.



The yalahwi macaron


Via Dina Hashish


I’m sorry but these are not your regular macarons. Every time I go to a birthday, wedding or any event that serves macarons, I start ranting to myself about what an incredibly pretentious desert they are, and wonder how they managed to become an Egyptian trend when they taste like dirt. Well, that was until I tasted this little yalahwi baby.


I don’t know what the recipe is, but it is definitely a macaron with a twist. The texture is out of this world, more like a cake/tart/heaven/Eden. It is simply mesmerizing.



Thank you Dousha’s Cupcakery for the all the ooohs and aaahs we were saying that morning. Too bad for all of you kids out there, we didn’t leave anything for trick or treats





WE SAID THIS: Foodgasm much?! For more yummies, check out Dousha’s cupcakery Facebook and Instagram accounts.