Five Fashion Tips After an Accident

There are many ways that people can get injured during accidents. Car collisions are a common one, for example. There are also things like slip-and-falls, construction mishaps, or mishandling tools. Many times, what takes place is not your fault. Rather, it is an unlucky coincidence or unfortunate set of circumstances over which you had no control.

As you’re recovering from whatever took place, it is natural for you to feel self-conscious. That is especially true if you have to wear a cast, or you have visible scars that will take a long time to heal.

Here are some tips we’ve gathered on how to look fashionable as you’re working to come back from your injuries.

You Can Decorate a Cast

If you have to wear a cast somewhere like your arm, hand, leg, or foot, then it is going to be very visible. You might feel that, because of the bulky nature of hard casts, in particular, people are staring at it when they see you or are introduced to you.  

If the cast is going to draw the eye, then why not decorate it? There is always the option of having many people sign the cast with:

  • Different colored markers 
  • Paint
  • Colored pencils

Better yet, they can draw pictures on it.

You could also commission or ask one friend or relative who has an artistic streak to draw a single large design on the cast. Maybe you could come up with a theme that has to do with sci-fi, fantasy, anime, or any other style or genre that appeals to you.

The point is to be creative and have fun with it. Let’s say someone who sees you or meets you for the first time notices the bulky cast you have on. They’ll know you don’t take yourself or your injury too seriously if they see that you’ve decided to make an art project out of this temporary setback.

You Can Look into Options Like Boot Covers

There are also products on the market that are designed specifically for you when you have to wear a cast. If it’s a soft cast on your hand or wrist, extra-long gloves might be appealing. Of course, these are going to draw the eye even more if you choose to wear them during the hotter months, but they would undoubtedly be appropriate for parts of the fall and winter.

For a cast on your foot, there are fashionable boot covers that you can wear. You can find different ones that could be coordinated with various outfits.

You Can Conceal Scars with Creative Clothing Choices

Another source of potential self-consciousness for people can be scars from accidents. While many scars fade over time, there are somewhere the wound was so damaging that there is always going to be some evidence of it.

Some people don’t mind displaying their scars. They find that it’s a way for them to take ownership of what happened. However, it can grow tedious if it feels like people are staring at you, or you have to keep on explaining to those you meet what took place.

You can always use clothing choices to conceal your scars if you’re more comfortable that way. What you’ll wear is going to depend on where the scars are. For instance, if you have scars from a head injury, then owning and wearing a variety of hats might be a viable option.

If you have scars on your arms, then you may opt for long-sleeve shirts. It’s not ideal in hotter climates, so you’ll want to find materials that are lightweight and have moisture-wicking capabilities.

If you have scars on your legs, then you might choose to always wear pants, dresses, or long skirts. Depending on the location of the scars, long socks, or tights that you can pull up might be another way to go.

What About Accidents that Have Impaired Your Abilities?

There are also the kinds of accidents that do damage which isn’t as immediately evident to the rest of the world. You might have an episode like a stroke that will leave little in the way of physical scars, but your movement won’t be as easy as it once was.

In such instances, it’s best to construct a new wardrobe out of silky fabrics and loose-fitting clothing. They will be much easier than flannel or polyester to get on and off.

Avoid tight-fitting fabrics that need some negotiating to put on. You may be able to regain more of your former function through physical therapy in some cases. Then, you can wear some of the old favorites that you’ve had to put aside temporarily.

More Permanent Solutions

For injuries that have left highly visible scars, there are some other more permanent options that you can pursue. For instance, if you like tattoos, then some people choose to explore that route. If the scars are on your arms, for example, then you can get tattoos to cover up that spot, or even full sleeves if you want the entire arm covered to draw attention away from that area.  

The most critical thing to remember when you’re getting over an injury is that you need to find a way to engage with the world that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It’s easy to suggest things to wear to try to hide the injury as it heals. That might not be enough for you to have a positive body image so that you can resume all of your normal activities.

There is the axiom that time heals all wounds, and the period directly after the accident is likely to be the most challenging. What will also be helpful, though, is if you surround yourself with individuals who are supportive of you.

It’s great if you can use creative clothing, makeup, or hairstyles to mask your injuries. What’s even better is if you have a support network that loves you unconditionally and doesn’t care how you look.

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