Fit and Fix Egypt Introduce Their Student Discounts With a Hilarious Video

Egyptians are known for their endless ability of faty;┬áit’s like saying I don’t know is a crime, but hey, at least they make us laugh ­čśÇ


Recently, Fit and Fix were promoting for their student program where students will be getting a 30% discount on all services and 8% discount on 1 set of tires per year. All students need to do is show up with their ID card at any of Fit and Fix branches.

To get students to know more about this special offer, Fit and Fix did something quite creative, fun and something very Egyptian. Students were asked at the AUC New Campus a series of ridiculous questions about Fit and Fix and the answers were even more hilarious.


From “What does Fit and Fix mean in Arabic?”, to “What would happen if you filled your car tires with helium?”, you’re definitely in for a laugh at the responses! The true Egyptian faty really is quite entertaining. Watch the video below and see for yourself and if you’re a student, this is your chance to get those discounts!


WE SAID THIS: For more information on Fit and Fix’s services, visit their Facebook page here┬áor their Instagram account here